What does it mean to age? We tend to look at growing older as a progressive journey. But it’s often tempting to focus on some of the more obvious points we strive for along the way. We’ll look at moments where we get married, have children or celebrate other fantastic events. And it’s true that these are worth striving for.

Learning and Growth Should Be Seen as a Continual Journey

But ageing really is a journey. And we can consider how one approaches a hike through some beautiful setting. It’s true that we aim for specific points during a hike. But we enjoy every moment of the journey as well. Our understanding of nature and the world around us grows as we see more of it. And the journey through life is best approached in that respect as well.

This isn’t always an easy concept to understand though. It’s one of the reasons why many people look into local personal growth workshops. Most major cities have one in the area or adjacent to it You can search online for any type of personal growth workshops orange county in your area. These workshops usually focus on helping people understand the idea of lifelong learning and growth. To essentially view the concept of a well lived life as a journey. Not a rushed journey from point to point. But a journey where we can actually enjoy the journey for what we find along the way.

Again, organized groups are one of the best ways to understand the concept. Humanity tends to understand the world best when it’s viewed through the lens of personal narrative. It’s one of the more interesting things about a species that can simulate the world around itself through words. When we listen to storytellers, we’re able to essentially place ourselves in their shoes for a while. And … READ MORE ...