The Math Playground

The math playground is a virtual place where children can practice basic math skills. It includes games and activities that can be played individually or as a group. These games can help children develop their logic, shape recognition, counting, time, and money skills. Many of these games can be played on more than one computer. The goal is to complete the same game at the same time. These games involve solving small math problems.

Logic games

Logic games are a great way to encourage children to learn more about math. There are over 125 different logic games available on Math Playground, and each game is packed with learning opportunities. They help kids develop problem-solving skills, develop pattern recognition, and develop analytical thinking. Many of these games can even be played with friends and family.

Another great activity on Math Playground is the Math Surpass game. The game is available in several different versions and allows students to choose the level of difficulty. Students can also choose whether they want to compete against a computer or a friend. The game will test their skills, and it is important to have a plan for success. Other games on Math Playground are designed … READ MORE ...

Top 5 Genres of Online Games For PC

When you are looking for the best online games for PC, it’s a good idea to start looking by genre. While genre isn’t the exact guide for every game, you can get a good idea of what to expect. It’s also a good idea to read reviews.

Free online games

Free online games for PC can be challenging and fun. One of the best choices is Minecraft. This browser game allows up to 20 players to form squads and battle it out on a giant island. Players need to collect weapons, supplies, and other items to survive, while also trying to beat the other players in battle. Players can choose to play alone or with two friends. Unlike other free PC games, you don’t have to pay to play this game, although you can purchase skins and clothing. It also allows crossplay among players, making it a great choice for anyone who loves to play games.

Another great free PC game is Hearthstone, which is supported on a variety of platforms and devices. Another great multiplayer game for PC is League of Legends, which is one of the biggest MOBAs and a direct competitor to DotA 2. Unlike DotA 2, … READ MORE ...

School Games Online

School games online include both an educational and social component, with tasks ranging from making friends to selecting the right electives. In addition, the game may include missions where the player must help younger students in achieving their goals, such as becoming a college student. In addition, these games often involve traversing various school locations and collecting bonus items. Passing speed is an important factor to be considered, as well.

Funbrain offers interactive games

FunBrain is a website that offers interactive school games that help kids learn foundational reading, math, and science skills. The games and activities are organized by grade level. Parents can select a specific grade level and find a game that fits their child’s needs. In addition to games, the site also offers online books, comics, videos, and other resources.


PBS KIDS school games online allow children to explore their learning and creativity while having fun! Many of these games are related to popular PBS Kids shows and have been developed with expert advice and are tested for effectiveness. Many of the games also feature social-emotional issues and music.


Starfall offers a variety of activities for children. In addition to games, the site includes … READ MORE ...

Top 5 Indoor Games Without Toys

If you are looking for a fun activity that doesn’t require the use of toys, consider making bubbles indoors. You can do this with dishwashing soap and water. Simply mix the soap into the water, then place a straw in the suds and blow it gently. Soon, your kids will have massive bubbles. Once you have made a big enough number of bubbles, measure them to see which one has the biggest bubble and the longest bubble.


The Scattergories of indoor games without toys is a simple and enjoyable word game that can be played with two or more players. It requires players to think quickly and list the words that begin with the letter shown on the die. A timer helps players determine the correct answers. The categories vary in length and begin with the letter C. There are 190 different categories. The player must match the letters to the categories to find a word.

In and out

One of the most popular games with kids can be played indoors without any toys. You can play the classic game of “Would You Rather?” with a simple board and a few objects. It’s an entertaining way to spend a … READ MORE ...