Education can put an end to poverty – What are the ways?

It was once said by Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon which a person can use to bring about any desired change in the world. Recently, there have been too many studies offered by the federal and non-governmental agencies which throw light on this case. By diminishing the social disparities between the two sexes, education has the power of putting an end to poverty. There is less insecurity about food when people are education, peace is promoted instead of conflict and there is also a widespread transmission of diseases which bolster the local economies.

Though there are many positive results of bringing education to the poor population of the world, here are few of the most significant ways in which education can bring about an end to poverty.

#1: Education brings about a boost in the income of a person

It has been revealed by several studies that for every schooling year, girls are able to boost their lifetime earnings by 10-20%. If you want to take a look at that from the perspective of gender, the total benefit is around 10%.

#2: Education can save lives

Did you know that when the mothers are educated throughout the world, especially in the rural areas, infant mortality rate can reduce by 5-10%? When mothers learn about child care and taking care of their children, they can prevent their children from dying.

#3: Peace is built through education

For every 10% a region has surpassed the average education level, the risk of impending wars and conflicts are reduced by 3%. Hence, it goes without mentioning that education works in building peace.

#4: Education makes people wealthier

One more thing that needs to be accepted is that every additional year of school which is offered to the children will raise the average GDP or Gross Domestic Product by 0.38%. Although this might not seem like a lot of increase but if you consider it in real terms, this can mean billions of dollars.

#5: Reading reduces poverty

There are serious studies which show that in case all the students in low-income nations left their schools with some kind of basic reading skills, 172 million people could be rescued from the shackles of poverty. You can teach them how to read and this can even eliminate poverty.

Therefore, now that you know the facts on education and how it can help in eliminating poverty, what are you looking for? Get people around you educated so as to bid goodbye to poverty. is one such organization which works to eliminate poverty among the poor.

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