Free Online Educational Game Sites for Children

Free Online Educational Game Sites for Children

If you are looking for free online educational games for your children, there are many options available. Some of these sites include Poptropica, GameStar Mechanic, PBS Kids, and more. Each of these websites provides a variety of games for children to enjoy. All of these sites are designed to promote healthy lifestyles, and they can help improve children’s minds.


Poptropica is a free online educational role-playing game for children. It was developed by Pearson Education’s Family Education Network for children aged 6 to

15. It is primarily designed to encourage problem-solving skills through game quest scenarios. It offers the opportunity for players to create their own characters, play challenging games, and communicate with other players safely. The site is certified by KidSafe and meets global child privacy laws.

Turtle Diary

For elementary school students, free online educational game sites like Turtle Diary can help reinforce curriculum objectives. These interactive games feature engaging videos and age-appropriate content. They can also reinforce lessons in language arts, math, science, social studies, and creativity.

GameStar Mechanic

If you are looking for a fun way to teach kids to design games, Gamestar Mechanic is the perfect place to start. In addition to offering a wide variety of games, the site also features extensive teacher resources. These resources include lesson plans, videos, and blogs.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids offers free online games that focus on educational subjects. The site features over 100 games for kids of all ages that use characters from popular PBS shows. The games are organized by subject and grade level. Many of these games have learning objectives such as helping kids develop language skills and cooperating with others.

Scholastic HomeBase

Developed by Scholastic, HOME BASE is a free online educational game site where kids can explore the world of popular children’s books. The site includes hundreds of interactive games, comics, and videos. Many of these games promote literacy and problem-solving skills. The site features books from popular Scholastic series. The site also has a community section where kids can interact with others and engage in discussions.

Sheppard Software

Free online educational game sites are an easy way for parents and teachers to provide their children with educational resources. Sheppard Software has hundreds of interactive games that can help kids retain important information and improve their academic performance. Their games have been used by over 20 million kids over the last year and they’re also great for setting homework.

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