It Is About The Children

Homeschooling should be available to every child, because it benefits them in numerous ways. Some view home schooling as too extreme. Others see it as an alternative to public and private education. Homeschooling provides children with a better education than any public or private school ever could. It can be individually customized for each child’s needs. Whether a child has a learning disability or is far ahead of those her age, homeschooling can be tailored to help her achieve success. Homeschooling makes families stronger. Homeschooled children perform better academically than their publicly and privately schooled counterparts. Study after study has shown homeschoolers score higher on standardized tests than those from institutional places of education. Whatever the reasons for the decision to homeschool, the benefits for the child and his family are enormous.

It Is About The Children

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Homeschooling can be individually customized for each child’s needs. In public schools, there has been a push for “mainstreaming” students. What this has really done is to put children with learning disabilities right back into situations for which they are not equipped to deal. If a child has attention problems, the over-crowded and over-stimulating classroom can be a nightmare. Homeschool is the perfect option for him. Not only can the learning environment be tailored for serenity, it affords him freedom that he could never even hope for at public school. Away from the rigidity and noise of the classroom, the child can follow his own schedule. He can practice his spelling words while doing sit-ups. He can recite his multiplication facts as he combs his hair. Imagine what would happen in a class of thirty-five third graders if they all chose to do their assignments not sitting quietly at tables or at their desks.

If a child is considered “gifted” in any way, the same problems can occur. If public education maintains that all children should participate in their studies as large groups and not as individuals, then there is no room for exceptional children. If a bright child is forced to conform to the learning needs of the majority, they will not reach their own potential. Often they will finish their work well ahead of the other students and due to boredom, become disruptive and then are labeled “troublemakers.” Homeschooling is perfect for these children. For a child who likes to be challenged, a customized setting allows them more positive learning experiences.

Homeschooling makes families stronger. Many people comment on the negative changes that have come about in our society. Crime rates have risen. Some say that this country’s citizens do not seem to care about each other as much as they did in ages past. With the advent of the computer age, this is quickly becoming a society that avoids personal interactions. This is the perfect time to get back to strengthening the most important of all relationships. Whatever an individual’s personal opinion is on the state of the nation, there is usually one point where most come together: The relationship between a child and their guardian, parent or other significant adult is extremely important. When looking into the daily activities of an average 7th grader, one would be amazed at how busy children have become. Between hours spent in school, sports, hanging out with friends, doing homework and other middle school activities, they have very little time to spend with their parents. This causes a real breakdown in the family unit. Parents may not even know their children anymore. With such small amounts of time to spend together, it is hard to make it true “quality” time. There needs to be a real effort to increase both the quality and the quantity of time spent together.

Homeschooling education can include things not taught at public schools. A family’s religious beliefs can be incorporated into the child’s knowledge base. Cultural awareness can also find its way into homeschooling. Parents who are totally committed to their children’s education can find ways to add to their public school learning. However, think of how much more those same parents could do for their children if they opted to be solely responsible for their education.

Homeschooled children perform better academically than students who publicly and privately schooled. A study done by the Ohio Department of Education found that the high level of academic of home schooled students was based on a higher commitment to their own education. In 1998, Dr. Lawrence Rudner of the University of Maryland found that homeschooled children scored significantly higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in either private or public school settings. Children are able to do this well in homeschool because they work at their own pace.

Homeschooling should be viewed as an option for all children. It provides them with a better education than public or private school. It is can be individually customized. It even makes families stronger. So, if they do better academically and develop stronger bonds with their parents, it seems like it is in a child’s best interest to opt for homeschooling. And, after all, it is about the children, right?

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