Kids, Media And The 5 Most Recommended Cartoons

Kids, Media And The 5 Most Recommended Cartoons
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Media can do two items to your child, great or bad. If managed effectively, media can educate our kids in their most vulnerable age as they are growing. All the things they understand in their younger years can and may perhaps stay till they grow old. Often, these factors dictate their behaviors and how they handle their parents.

What do you think is the reason why there are children who are so violent when they undergo tantrums? They tend to hurt everyone they see, especially their weaker peers. It’s in media. What they see on TV, for instance violence can make them think that it’s a good thing. And without anybody teaching them about it, it will affect their lives. Sometimes it will show on their later years.

So where do parents start their job to preempt these impending danger? It all begins in controlling media in the household. May it be TV, radio, comic books and even computers; we have to get hold of them. It’s only the first step. Next, parents should also choose the right shows for their kids. We parents should become some kind of a filtering machine and regulate the stuff our children lay their eyes into.

Now, for the second part of this article, here are the five most recommended cartoon shows that can and may help our children’s growing years. Instead of allowing them to watch nonsense, we should get hold of that remote and give them what they should have.

First in the list is Little Einstein’s by Disney. Aside from the classical music that accompanies the entire show, it boosts our kids’ imagination. The characters are on the space ship travelling around the world while the soothing music plays. And with this, they solve common dilemmas, saving animals and exploring a lot of places. It’s fun from beginning to end.

Second could be the ever popular Dora the Explorer. This really is entertaining for kids about two years old. Join Dora when she travels with her back backpack, stopping Swiper from swiping and solving mysteries. Assistance Dora go to her location although possessing entertaining in the method.

Third would be Higglytown Heroes. This is one is very good in teaching kids about community. There are four main characters in this show together with their pet squirrel. In each episode they encounter a certain problem. In the process, they go to a specific person in the community; they tell what their job is and then solve the problem. It’s cool in teaching kids the kind of persons they will meet in the real life.

Fourth in the list is Wonder Pets. If we are talking about teamwork, this is the perfect cartoon to watch. Join the main characters (obviously they are animals) as they join forces to save the day. It’s fun and pretty colorful, thus an attractive tool to teach our kids about the values of teamwork.

And last is a personal favorite, Blue’s Clues. Blue is a dog with bearing the color in which its name is based from. Blue will give us a mystery object and together with Joe our kids will solve it. Blue will leave out some clues which we will connect to point out and discover what the mystery object is. Its pure fun plus making our kids think as though they’re a private detective.

There you have it, making these recommended cartoons available in our home will surely ensure our kids’ education become more secured and safe from the things they shouldn’t be exposed about.

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