Primary School Games Online

Primary School Games Online

There are many primary school games online for children and adults to enjoy. All of these games are completely free and require no download. Some are geared specifically towards children, while others are designed for adults. These games are available for Windows, Android, and IOS. These are excellent options for children of all ages and are an excellent way to introduce them to learning and fun.


Funbrain is a website that contains games for kids ages preschool to grade 8. These games will help your kids develop literacy, math, and reading skills. The website also has books available for your child to read and learn from.


PBS KIDS has a wide range of educational games and videos for kids that can help them learn and grow. These online games can be used to supplement a curriculum or even serve as prerequisites to other activities in the classroom. You can even use PBS Kids videos to start a discussion in class.

Moose Math

If you’re looking for a fun, educational way to improve your child’s math skills, you should check out the Moose Math games online. With several levels of difficulty, this game is sure to keep your child engaged and interested in math. This game is also incredibly useful for classroom use and provides detailed reports about a child’s progress.

Wood’s game

In Wood’s game, players populate a forest with critters from different species. These critters must be placed in groups of two or more. For instance, squirrels must be in groups of five. Rabbits can be in any wood but can only join one. In addition, each wood can only contain one type of critter. In addition, animals that get stuck in the meadow face the threat of theft and mortal peril.

Among Us

If you’re a teacher or a parent looking for a new way to engage your kids, Among Us might be just what you’re looking for. The kid-friendly murder mystery game is a fun way to get your students involved in your class. In this game, your students act as members of a crew on a spaceship while two rogue crew members are trying to kill the other members. The aim of the game is to use Google meets to guess who the ‘imposter’ is and form alliances to eliminate the killer.

Wood’s game is a murder mystery

The Wood Library is a peaceful place, but it’s also a murder mystery. The players are given roles, and they must solve the mystery before time runs out. To play, students must register for the grade they will enter the following year.

Connect Four

Connect Four games are fun to play and a great way to help your child learn math concepts. This game teaches students about the concept of number sense, as well as basic addition facts.


PrimaryGames is a website for primary school students aged 6 and up. It offers exciting new games, holiday celebrations and math and reading practice, as well as free printables and videos. You can even create your own temporary ID and play games related to your subject.


Chess is an ancient board game with a variety of benefits for the mind. It develops critical thinking, builds self-esteem, and helps children manage time. It also encourages children to take initiative. Chess also improves concentration and patience. Chess games are popular extracurricular activities, and many schools promote the game.

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