20 Fun Toddler Learning Activities

Toddler learning activities can be a lot of fun. Toddlers love to play and learn. These activities can help your child learn colors, shapes, and alphabets. Here are 20 ideas to get you started. Try a few out today. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your child picks up new skills.

20 Toddler Learning Activities

There are tons of ways to keep your toddler busy and engaged. A good way to get them learning is by letting them explore things they find interesting. For example, toddlers love to play with toys that have a wide range of sounds and different textures. Providing them with easy access to these items will help them learn more about these items. As they play, introduce them to similar objects and praise them when they successfully retrieve them. This will help them learn basic matching and sorting skills.

Identifying Shapes

Identifying shapes is an important part of your toddler’s learning and development. Children are constantly exposed to shapes in their environment and need a wide variety of opportunities to learn them. Using play materials and books can help your child learn the difference between shapes and their parts, and it can also help them verbalize … READ MORE ...