Activities for Kids at Home

The activities for kids at home are not limited to the common things that you find in the store. You can also have some fun by making your own games and activities. For example, you can try balloon juggling and threading pasta. You can also make a cubby house and a kid’s gym.

Balloon Juggling

Balloon juggling activities for kids are a fun and educational way to teach your children the fundamentals of movement. It’s also a great way to promote physical activity throughout your child’s life. These games require kids to be flexible and  work together to keep the balloons up in the air. They’re great for developing hand- eye coordination, gross motor control, and the ability to keep track of moving objects in the air. In addition, these skills are transferable to other sports and activities where children must catch objects in the air.

Threading Pasta

Threading pasta for kids at home can be a fun activity for children. While threading pasta on a skewer can be tricky, there are many ways to make the process easier for your children. You can use toilet roll rings to make the activity easier, or you can use BBQ skewers.