Sesame Street: New Asian Characters

Sesame Street is a classic television show that has stood the test of time and is beloved by children and adults alike. It bridges educational and cultural divides with its charming cast of characters. Big Bird leads a group of characters who educate children on everything from colors and numbers to the alphabet and more. As the title implies, Sesame Street is set on a real city street and provides a wealth of valuable learning experiences for children.

Elmo’s World

Elmo is a delightful character who enjoys exploring the world around him. He takes children on adventures to great places and fosters curiosity and imagination. He is joined by a rotating cast of friends. He is especially fond of observing the many creatures that share his world.

The concept for the series was developed by Judy Freudberg, who worked with Tony Geiss and Arlene Sherman. Elmo’s World merged live-action with computer- generated animation. The segment was intended to attract younger viewers and increase the show’s ratings. It was presented from the perspective of a three-year- old child, with the Muppet Elmo hosting the show.

The show also has story time where mumu/dada reads an Elmo book to the child. Pookies … READ MORE ...