Things You Need to Know When Buying a Podium

Whether you are a pastor or an event coordinator, it is critical to set your stage for success. Church services and public speaking events often feature a podium. It serves as the centerpiece for religious sermons, ceremonies, motivational presentations, and campaign debates. Regardless of the nature of the occasion, podiums ensure your audience understands the message. However, problems such as unstable presentation podiums can distract a motivational speaker. It can be difficult for public speakers to deliver their speech if a podium doesn’t have shelves and lighting. Moreover, tall lecterns can also distract the audience and obscure the speaker. Below are some of the factors to help you find the right podium for your event.

The Nature of the Event

Everyone would want a podium that sets the tone for their event. Whether it is a religious sermon or an event to unveil a tech company’s product, podiums range from traditional to modern designs.

Adjustable or Fixed Podiums

Too tall lecterns can distract the audience and obscure the speaker. While finding a podium that suits speakers of varying ages and heights can be tricky, choosing the one with the right height ensures the speaker is visible. Adjustable stands allow the speaker to lower or raise the reading surface. An adjustable podium can be ideal for an event where speakers of varying heights and ages will make their presentation.

Portable or Stationary Podiums

There are plenty of stationary podiums that are meant for replacement in the market. However, some can be folded up for convenient transport from one event to another. Portable podiums are the most ideal for trade shows. Most of them come with built-in handles to enhance portability. Consider a mobile podium the next time you will be having a trade show.

Outdoor or Indoor Podiums

People often conduct graduation ceremonies in the open air. Election speeches are also frequently held outdoors. Anytime the capacity of a hall or room becomes insufficient, you can move an event outdoors. As such, it is crucial to use a podium that can survive weather conditions such as rain and sunshine. Podium manufacturers often use recycled plastics to make outdoors podiums that can withstand extreme pressure.

Labeled Podiums

Religious institutions often buy lecterns that have built-in logos. The symbol on the front of your podium can impact the effectiveness of a sermon. Conversely, companies add logos to the front of their pulpits to reinforce their brand and let the audience get the point. Adding a logo to the front of your company’s podium illustrates your commitment to making a positive impact. Brand ambassadors often use their logo as a visual cue that helps make a positive impact and reinforce their brand. Podium manufacturers now offer customized options so that buyers can choose a podium that suits their event needs. Adding a logo to podiums used in conference centers or event halls can help a company to reinforce its brand. However, adding a removable logo provide more flexibility for a conference center that hosts different events.

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