You Want Smart Kids

You Want Smart Kids
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As parents, we all want to see our children do very well. Do well at school, do well in life and do well with everything they try. The problem is we can’t always be there to help. We must be able to equip our children to fend for themselves and still succeed. A good start at school is the basis for the future of our children. If they can start their school in the right and positive way, they will have every opportunity to continue and succeed well at the higher education level and with a career. It takes a lot of work for parents to make sure this will happen. It is not uncommon for children to be naturally smart but inherent ‘intelligence’ is always driven by skilled parents.

Usually there are preschool preparations for children where they are given the basics and are accustomed to interacting with other children and begin to study the discipline of school life. However, for smart parents, their children’s school does not start there. Parents have spent hours of fine ‘education’ at home for the first year of preparation for children at school. By the time the child enters school, he has mastered the basics of reading and counting including simple alphabets and numbers. Parents have spent a lot of time with their children, especially books. Your children will love books if they are introduced as early as possible and they can connect them with a pleasant time with their parents.

Books and reading are the backbone of your children’s education. If you can introduce books to your children early and they see them as positive, they will continue with interest in reading which will be the backbone of their education forever. Nothing is learned at any level of education without reading a lot and if reading is something you hate then learning will always be difficult. Your children should start with fun books like children’s fables that are read to them at every opportunity and turn to things like fairy tales that are still being read to them. Your children need to look forward to reading this fun time and they will learn while walking. You can add in the base book and count the books as you go so the basics are still fun to learn

If your children can get to the first year of school with most of the basics already there, they will have a good start. Many children were well known in this preparation year so they were thrown past the first grade and started their first year in school in second grade. This means they are one year ahead and will always have it on their arms if they need to repeat a year on the track. This is usually not necessary because children with the right start have the confidence to sail to school.

This is all because parents use their time early to help their children get a basic understanding of pleasant education. There is no better gift that you can give to your children than to instill a good love book and read. So, start from the children’s library. Get some old classic books on the shelf. Some good old nursery rhymes are a good start and some good old tales. Turn imagination on your children and instill a love of good threads, good books, and good reading. This will put them on the right track for the education they deserve.

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