National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a magazine for children, published by the National Geographic Society. Originally, the magazine was known as National Geographic World. Now, it has several components: the Magazine, Online component, Activities, and Content categories. Each of these components has different themes and offers children a great experience learning about different places.


The National Geographic Society publishes the National Geographic Kids magazine. It was originally known as National Geographic World. With its colorful images and educational articles, the magazine teaches children about the world around them. The magazine is available in many different languages. It features stories, maps, and articles about nature, animals, and space.

National Geographic Kids is a magazine for children aged six to fourteen. It focuses on adventure, wildlife, and science, and features young people from different countries. Each issue comes with a colorful world ball, which is a great way to promote environmental conservation. Each issue of this magazine is also packed with fun and interactive features that will make learning fun.

Online Component

The National Geographic Kids Online component is a great way for children to get the information and resources they need to learn about the world around them. The site is filled with educational games and videos, as well as great footage from the real world. It also has a section that kids can post their own photos and comments, which the admins of the site approve before they go live. Some items are free to access but others require a paid subscription. National Geographic Kids also offers a store that contains fun items for children and parents alike.

The site also offers educational videos, games, puzzles, and interactive activities focused on animals and nature. There are also virtual tours of different countries around the world. Kids can contribute to the content on the site by making comments, answering quizzes, and submitting their own pictures.


If you’re looking for activities for National Geographic Kids, you’ve come to the right place! This educational website offers a huge selection of free learning activities.

The content is designed with kids in mind, and includes fun activities like mazes, spelling games, and pattern games. It also includes drawing activities. The site has a lot of resources for caregivers, too.

National Geographic Kids is an excellent resource for educating young children about different animals, cultures, and countries. The interactive content is designed to keep children engaged and interested while introducing them to new species and habitats. It also includes fun games, quizzes, and real photos. There are also a lot of ways to get involved, such as submitting photos and comments.

Content Categories

National Geographic Kids is an award-winning magazine for kids, published by the National Geographic Society. It’s widely trusted by educators and parents. It has won a number of awards, including the Association of Educational Publishers’ Periodical of the Year, the Golden Lamp Award, the Parents’ Choice Gold and Silver Awards, and the Folio Editorial Excellence Award. It also has an extensive catalog of educational activities for kids, including books, videos, and online activities.

In addition to educational games, videos, and activities about animals and the natural world, National Geographic Kids offers virtual tours of different countries. Moreover, it encourages participation and sharing of photos and comments by its users.

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