The Math Playground

The Math Playground

The Math Playground is a fun online learning resource that offers animated videos covering a range of topics. There are over a dozen categories, and each video is taught by a live teacher. The videos include topics such as counting, missing numbers, and addition through 100. The website also offers fun games covering multiplication, division, and logic.

Common Core Math Objectives

As educators, you can use Common Core math objectives to guide your instruction. These objectives are designed to help students become more proficient with math skills and understand how to apply them in the real world. Your students must understand how to choose the appropriate tools when they need to solve a problem. In the real world, there is no one to guide them, so it is important to teach them how to choose the right tools to solve problems.

Logic Games

Logic games are an excellent way to improve students’ reasoning skills. These games are also great for developing problem-solving skills. They provide students with realistic scenarios in which they need to use their reasoning skills to solve a problem.

Story Math

The Story Math on the Math Playground site offers a fun, interactive way to teach children about math. The site provides videos and games on various topics, including addition, subtraction, and missing numbers. Students can follow along with an interactive teacher as they play. Some of the games are geared towards specific grade levels, while others are more general in nature.

Board Games

There are several board games for kids on the math playground that help kids exercise their minds. These games often use number tiles and multiplication tables and can be a great way to reinforce classroom learning. There are also games that help kids practice counting.


Math playground cookies are a simple yet effective way to encourage math learning in young children. Kids can use the cookies to practice subtraction and addition.

They can also use these cookies to learn about multiplication and division. In addition, you can group cookies by type to reinforce the concept of relationships.


The Math Playground is an educational website that offers many different games and activities to young learners. It is free for both parents and schools to use and has a great amount of educational content. However, the free version of the site contains lots of advertisements. If you would like to use Math Playground without ads, you can purchase a subscription.

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